Top Reasons Why a Small Business Budget Might Fail

Small Business Budget

The number one reason that a small business budget might fail is that there, in fact, is no budget, at least not a proper one. There are some basic rules you must follow when creating your small business budget. Remember that a budget gives you the facts you need in order to make an informed decision when planning your next ...

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What Not To Do With Your Credit Card When You Take A New One Out

Credit Card

Getting a new credit card can create a nice feeling of accomplishment and opportunity. Maybe it’s your first card, which can feel especially gratifying. You’ve been approved by a credit card company and issued your new card. It probably has all sorts of benefits that make it better than previous cards you may have had, for one reason or another. ...

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Three Common Financial Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Financial Planning Mistakes

Almost all individuals have dreams for the future, whether it is a 7-year-old wanting to be an astronaut or a 21-year-old wanting to be a judge.  We all have a desire to achieve a goal of some sort in our lives; however, reaching the goal is not a simple task.  Before a person can become an astronaut or judge, it ...

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The True Worth of Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

You may often wonder what is the actual worth of all the frequent flyer miles that you receive from different companies. The flying miles were important back in the day and this meant that free miles were always the right kind of award for loyal customers. However, with many airlines opening up alliances and presenting the various categories of awards, ...

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A Secretive Policy to Grow Rich after Retirement

Grow Rich after Retirement

Are you on verge of retirement? Or, you are planning to retire early? Have you ever realized that if you keep on withdrawing from 5 – 7 percent of your savings every month, then you may fell short of funds even before your retirement? Well, this concern may have compelled to raise your eyebrows, but remember to become wealthy at ...

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How to Stay Afloat When You’re Unemployed

When You re Unemployed

If you’re recently unemployed, you’re probably feeling worried and fretting about expenses. It’s hard to say how long you’ll face unemployment, unless you were laid off with a clear return date. It could be a short-term or long-term period of job loss. Most experts agree that you should plan for at least a six-month period of unemployment, unless you’re positive ...

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Discover Your Wells Fargo Routing Number When You’ll Require It

Wells Fargo Routing Number

The American Bankers Organization produced the bank routing number in 1910 as a method to refine paper checks and enable financial institutions and credit history unions to accurately send and get funds to and from various other monetary establishments. Some banks have different routing numbers for digital and paper purchases because cord transfer settlements and digital purchase identifiers are managed ...

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