Life Insurance

Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?

Life Insurance a Good Investment

While many adults have already purchased life insurance because of the incredible benefits that it can provide, many others have not yet explored coverage options or made a purchase. The reality is that some people simply do not see the need for it, or they may not believe that the regular premium expense is worth the benefits that it can ...

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10 Benefits Of Life Insurance

You can’t plan for every eventuality in life, but you can definitely try! Our financial state isn’t something we have to worry about in life – it’s also a concern in death. In order to protect our families and loved ones from damage, a life insurance policy is all but a requirement. If you’re still on the fence, here are ...

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Life settlement transaction may be offered if a person is over the age of 60

A life settlement company purchases or buys an outside party’s life insurance policy that they no longer need, want, or can financially afford. Life settlement policies are defined as requests, sales, transfers or other assignments of an insurance policy to another outside source or party. For life settlements, the terms are legally understood or the policy has an insurance prerequisite ...

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Life Insurance: Your Baby is Royalty, too!

The media has gone baby crazy after the recent birth of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby boy christened Prince George, or as the media has dubbed him – the royal baby.  Let’s be honest though, regardless of who the baby is born to, we all like to treat our children like princes and princesses. The arrival of a ...

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Are You Too Old To For Life Insurance?

If you are reaching your retirement years, you may be re-evaluating your outgoings. You really don’t want to be spending money on something you don’t need, so what about life insurance? Will you really need life insurance after you have retired, once you no longer have the responsibilities you once had? On the other hand, maybe you have never had ...

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No Medical Life Insurance: Insurance Without the Examination

For individuals from age 20 to 85, life insurance coverage is available without a medical examination.  No medical life insurance is a legal contract which does not exclude or implement limitations based on the requirement of a medical examination. Life insurance is a contract held between the insured policy holder and the insurer, where the policy holder pays a premium, ...

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