10 Things You Can Learn About Your Business with Instagram

Business with Instagram

Out of many social media applications, Instagram is the one that comes in the list of top five most used applications worldwide. Instagram is the ultimate app for everyone to use and make use out of. One may think that Instagram is all about uploading and editing pictures, but that’s not it. Many people have established a business through Instagram. ...

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Using Opportunity Cost Analysis to Increase Savings

investing in Rare Coins

Generally speaking, people look at savings as a simple matter of putting away as much money as possible. It’s the money that one has right now that’s the core of the issue – how much of it needs to be spent versus how much of it can be put away for later. This is certainly one way to save money, ...

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Fixed-Rate Versus Adjustable-Rate Mortgage, Which Is Better During Times Of Recessions?


The fixed and variable mortgage rates are different regarding the funding. The variable mortgage rate is a product that is based on the prime lending rate while a mortgage lender buys fixed mortgages, then sold as a mortgage to a buyer and later re-sold to make an income. In 2008, there was an economic crisis that affected the whole world ...

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Beacon Resources – Connecting Candidates with Rewarding Careers

find a job

Are you searching for accounting jobs in Los Angeles? Or maybe you are in another area of finance in Southern California. No matter. The Beacon Resources advantage is tremendous, and it is well worth considering a relationship with the company instead of replying to internet job postings. Superior Job Matching  Beacon Resources aims to match qualified candidates to the right ...

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Simplifying Your Borrowing Experience – Direct Lender

direct lender

A sudden need for money can arise anytime be it for your bills, travel or an emergency, the fast access to money can be provided by direct money lenders. We all plan for our finances well in advance to avoid any discrepancies but sometimes things fall out of place for anyone. Most bills have sky-high penalty charges for late payment ...

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3 Effective Strategies to Reduce Long Term Care Costs

Reduce Long Term Care Costs

Looking at the long term care costs by state can have anyone at wit’s end. The prices of the services are already high at the moment, and yet they seem to continue to increase. While the wealthiest of America can easily cover the costs out of pocket and those on the other end of the spectrum have Medicaid to turn ...

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Property vs. Gold vs. Stocks: Investment strategies

Investment strategies

Today, there are a number of investment options including property, gold, and stocks. Regardless of which option you choose, you must know how to make money from your investment. With the right investment strategy, you will be able to make money from your investment and get rich. Following is how you can make money from property, gold and stocks. Gold ...

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