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Things to Consider Before Lending Your Car – Think Twice

Before Lending Your Car

There are some things to consider before lending your car, your car is typically the next most valuable asset besides the home. The next time anyone asks to use your vehicle, think hard before simply saying ‘yes’. Just because they are a close friend or family might not all end well. To lend your car to someone relies heavily on ...

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How to Determine Your Home’s Fair Market Value

Your Home’s Fair Market Value

The Fair Market Value of a home is the price at which reasonably well-informed buyers and sellers are willing to do business. It is based on a number of factors, including the house’s floor plan, location, and condition, as well as the local real estate market. It’s important for you and your agent to know the FMV because inaccurate pricing ...

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Three Common Financial Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Financial Planning Mistakes

Almost all individuals have dreams for the future, whether it is a 7-year-old wanting to be an astronaut or a 21-year-old wanting to be a judge.  We all have a desire to achieve a goal of some sort in our lives; however, reaching the goal is not a simple task.  Before a person can become an astronaut or judge, it ...

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The True Worth of Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles

You may often wonder what is the actual worth of all the frequent flyer miles that you receive from different companies. The flying miles were important back in the day and this meant that free miles were always the right kind of award for loyal customers. However, with many airlines opening up alliances and presenting the various categories of awards, ...

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A Secretive Policy to Grow Rich after Retirement

Grow Rich after Retirement

Are you on verge of retirement? Or, you are planning to retire early? Have you ever realized that if you keep on withdrawing from 5 – 7 percent of your savings every month, then you may fell short of funds even before your retirement? Well, this concern may have compelled to raise your eyebrows, but remember to become wealthy at ...

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6 Common Scams to Avoid When Selling Your Car

Selling Your Car

While selling your car privately may get you more money, it also exposes you to a great deal of risk. The days of popping an ad in your local paper are no more, and while the internet gives us some great ways to sell our cars, it also exposes us to more scams. Use this guide to avoid getting caught ...

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Using Opportunity Cost Analysis to Increase Savings

investing in Rare Coins

Generally speaking, people look at savings as a simple matter of putting away as much money as possible. It’s the money that one has right now that’s the core of the issue – how much of it needs to be spent versus how much of it can be put away for later. This is certainly one way to save money, ...

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