Annuity rate

A Secretive Policy to Grow Rich after Retirement

Grow Rich after Retirement

Are you on verge of retirement? Or, you are planning to retire early? Have you ever realized that if you keep on withdrawing from 5 – 7 percent of your savings every month, then you may fell short of funds even before your retirement? Well, this concern may have compelled to raise your eyebrows, but remember to become wealthy at ...

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How to Jump Gracefully Over the Five Main Hurdles to Selling Your Annuities

To earn additional income and grow businesses, many licensed financial advisors and insurance agents turn to selling annuities. Despite many products carrying excellent features and benefits, selling them to consumers can be difficult. In fact, here are the five main obstacles you will encounter: 1. Competition  As you begin to research how to sell your annuity payments, competition from insurance ...

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What Exactly is A Fixed Term Annuity?

A fixed term annuity is a type of pension product that offers an alternative to the usual method of obtaining an income during your retirement. It’s actually a more flexible option, which is ideal for those people who are looking to keep their options open, because they think that their personal circumstances could change further into their retirement. If you ...

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Make Investments in Annuity for a Safe Future

If you are employed, then this is the right time to invest your hard earned money in a safe and secured form of investment known as annuity. If you are wondering what annuity is all about, let me explain that an annuity is a contract between the investor and the insurance company that is offering such an investment. Keep in ...

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Know More About Annuities and Annuity Rate

You may have heard a term called annuity rate if you have participated in discussions related to finance. This word or term is generally seen in finance stream. The word annuity is referred to any upfront payment you give to an agency generally insurance agency and they give you a fixed payment every month or year. The terms of payment ...

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