When Someone Should Consider Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for Bankruptcy

When faced with foreclosure, some homeowners get affected emotionally and this leads to irrational decisions as to the timing of bankruptcy filing. Knowing when to file for bankruptcy can change the game plan for you. In some scenarios, filing for bankruptcy before foreclosure, is recommended while in others, filing for bankruptcy after the foreclosure is complete can be the best ...

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Some Advice for Those Considering Bankruptcy

When you or your business is facing mounting debt, it can sometimes be hard to look at the problem head on. Other times, you’ve taken all the necessary steps like cutting down on your bills and outgoings, but it still isn’t enough. Once you believe that you’ve done everything that you can to mitigate your debt problem, your only option ...

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Rebuilding Your Finances Post-Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy not only affects your finances but also your credit score and we can’t deny the fact that almost everything from jobs, insurance, purchase of a home and cars to even apartment rental depends on your credit score and bankruptcy can put your credit score in very bad state. A bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for up to ...

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What is Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy in simple terms means a person or organization is insolvent or is in a state of insolvency. Insolvency means the person or the organization is not in a position to repay the debts it owes to its creditors. This is mostly imposed by a court order which is being initiated by the debtors. Let us delve a bit deeper ...

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