Forex Trading Strategies

How To Choose A Forex Broker That Is Best For You?

A book, B Book

The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest decentralized financial market. It’s a way bigger than the all other capital markets of the world combined. Daily trading turnover is more than 5 trillion dollars. A trader must choose a forex broker to get access to the market. There are so many retail forex brokers out there and not all of ...

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Simple Ways To Develop Confidence In Trading

Develop Confidence In Trading

We all have confidence tucked away in us somewhere; we may use it for our day job, weekend sports or odd jobs around the house. So how can we develop confidence in trading? I hear traders say to me all the time “ I’ll get confidence when I start making some profits” and every time I hear this I kindly ...

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20 Things You Should Know About Forex

things you should know about forex

If you are forex trading and using the binary trading system, you have to be on the watch out and learn a few tricks of the trade. In this write up, we’ll try to find out the different points to be kept on top of the mind at the time of dealing in foreign exchange. We are sure it will ...

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How to Succeed in Forex Trading

Taming the volatile Australian Dollar – A great currency for beginner forex traders You have your trading plan, your brokerage account is open and you’re excited to get started. The next step is picking the right forex pair to focus on. Each forex pair has its own personality, with different market and economic forces at play in each market. Some ...

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What Is Going On?? Explaining 2016’s Turbulent Stock Market Ride

If you follow the markets or financial news, it’s impossible to miss the doomsday headlines. 2016 has been the worst start to the year in a century. All the major indices (FTSE 100, Fortune 500, Nasdaq, etc.) have fallen nearly 10% since the 1st January. Some of the biggest companies have lost a combined total of over $100 billion. Ouch! ...

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Making Profits At XFR Financial Ltd With Automated Forex Trading Software

Forex trading is an excellent way of investing – by performing an in-depth analysis of the current state of the market, you can notice trends and prevent the best times for buying and selling. However, in order to achieve nice results and large profits, it’s very important that you manage to look at things in a logical manner, without letting ...

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Binary Options Candlestick Strategy

In binary options, traders trade the price movement of financial assets. The most important element for a trader, therefore, is the asset price. Candlesticks help traders study and interpret price action easily before making trading decisions in the market. For this reason, candlestick charts have become the most important as well as the most prevalent technical analysis tool used in ...

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