Forex Trading Strategies

Tips for MCX & NCDEX Trading

The stock market has always ruled the newspapers general, economic, and trade magazines. Reading these news items either puts a scare or the feeling that you can make it in this market. Depending on your optimistic temperament and cautious approach making profitable gains is all possible. Nevertheless, learning to make the right strategized move to invest and make profit can ...

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Mind the Gap: Swing Trading Meets the Gap

Price gaps are a common phenomenon in financial instruments and are reflective of a substantial change in the underlying technical or fundamental outlook.  This is a pattern that occurs across almost all financial assets including foreign exchange, stocks, commodities, and futures.  A price gap is typically indicative of a widening of the spread that occurs after a major announcement.  For ...

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Buy Into BitCoin Without the Volatility: 4 Smart Hedging Strategies

As a new form of currency, few technological innovations have received quite the amount of attention as BitCoin. Essentially a self-regulating form of money, BitCoin is best known for increasing in value many thousands of times over in the space of a few years, turning many of its owners into millionaires overnight. Unfortunately, BitCoin is also known for its volatility. ...

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